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 Indian Writing – Mills & Boon Romance 

A Perfect Mismatch- Leena Varghese

 What’s The Story…

 Once, Armaan Malhotra was Zara’s secret teenage fantasy. Now, they find nothing right with each other! Zara is a spirited woman, fiercely guarding her hard-earned independence as a chartered accountant. An orphan, her mother’s indiscretion has haunted her life. Armaan is a celebrity artist, with a deep-rooted aversion to commitment. Born in an old business family, his father’s infidelity has rocked his beliefs. Zara finds Armaan callous and insensitive. Armaan finds Zara stubborn and rebellious. Both find it impossible to trust anyone. When under pressure from Armaan’s mother, they agree on a short term arranged match, things turn chaotic. Soon the undercurrent of tension and attraction turns into skirmishes, flaring up into a full-fledged battle on their honeymoon. Could they let go of their fears and let desire transform into deep abiding love forever?


 Meet the Author

Leena Varghese lives in Mumbai with her husband and two boisterous kids. Amidst the cacophony of a tumultuous household and managing her illustration work, she squeezes in the time to give vent to her creative passions such as writing and painting. She loves to experiment with various media including oils, watercolours and pastels. Leena firmly believes that everyone comes into the world equipped with an umbrella for the rainy days. Anyone can be creative enough to turn lemons into lemonade, topped with iced pragmatism. A life spent in learning and doing new things even when failure stares you in the face, is a life well lived indeed. So trying your hand at just about everything that comes your way is a good idea to keep yourself alive and kicking! Her mantra for happiness is to never be complacent and always keep evolving. This is Leena Varghese‘s debut book for Mills & Boon®!

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Celebrate Monsoon with Harlequin romance

There is absolutely no better season than monsoon for romance. The torrential thunderstorms, pitter patter of falling raindrops, gusty wind and black & silver skyline all bring back those favourite memories. The smell of rains is enough to make the heart flutter and thoughts drift.

Harlequin monsoon offer

Nothing quite like raindrops falling on earth

The lovers who are mercifully together can not thank the rain gods enough for the downpour while the estranged or singles start longing for the beloved. If the scene you cherish the most in breakfast at Tiffany’s was the climax when Ms. Holly Golightly reunited with her lover in the lashing rains, you know what we are taking about. It is the prefect time for rekindling friendships and romance – the time for long drives, coffee dates or for staying in snuggling and reading excerpts from your favourite Harlequin book. Even if you are on your own, you know you are never alone because Nora Roberts’  hero is always there to give you company.

Harlequin romance offer

The famous rain scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Keeping its esteemed readers in mind, Harlequin is giving away  Mills & Boon and other single titles at deep discounts this monsoon –  a fabulous Flat 40% discount on M&B Backlist and a tempting flat 50% discount on Select Single Titles That’s not all. If you shop for a minimum amount of Rs. 1500 we will also send a shoppers stop gift voucher your way. Grab them quick before the books or the lovely rains are gone.